Wherever you are born among the six kinds of beings is simply suffering

Relying on the four thoughts that turn the mind to strive for liberation,
and with as much renunciation as you are able to master,
go for refuge to the supreme Three Jewels.
In all your daily activities, practice virtuous conduct.
Especially, make effort at listening, contemplation, and meditation,
Train according to the instructions of an authentic guru.
However, during this degenerate time when mental afflictions abound,
a guru who has no faults and is endowed with all good qualities is difficult to find.
So by relying on a guru who has as many good qualities as possible,
make effort at practicing the supreme dharma with faith and devotion.
Apply yourself at virtuous conduct with your body, speech, and mind.
The outcome of training in the dharma with the three doors
is a disciplined mind and gradually diminished mental afflictions.
In that way, there will definitely be great benefits.
In your daily life, after rising at dawn,
clear away the stale air three times, and in a leisurely way,
rest the mind single-pointedly; wash your face, practice your daily hygiene, etc.
set out offerings, and properly offer incense.
Make as much effort as you can in your daily recitations.
From dawn until you sleep at night,
take care to avoid non-virtue and practice only virtue,
relying continually on the practice of mindfulness.
Confess any negative actions committed from the moment you wake until you sleep,
and make a stable commitment
to refrain from committing negative actions from now on.
Habituate taking joy in all virtuous actions.
Pray that others may do likewise.
If you are able to continuously practice in this way,
you will make this precious human life meaningful.
I pray that everyone may be able to do acco