Impermanence and fragility of lives have been demonstrated so clearly in the recent  7.9 Richter scale earthquake that struck Nepal on 25th April 2015. This tragic event has caused
tremendous heartaches to the many especially the Buddhist who have been to Nepal for pilgrimage, as many holy structures and monasteries have been affected badly, besides the loss of many lives. In view of this tragedy, Gharwang Rinpoche has despatched some monks from Lingdum Monastery in Sikkim to help provide some relief such as food, water, medicine, blankets and some financial aid besides offering prayers for the dead and to the well-being of the victims. Your continued support to Zurmang will help to enable Gharwang Rinpoche to carry out all these compassionate activities successfully and for that we rejoice indeed! There is a link to view some of the pictures that have been uploaded on the Relief Effort by Zurmang in Nepal at the Home Page.
Maybe it is time again for us to keep you reminded of the coming Amitabha Zhingdrup Grand Puja which will take place from 12th June till 14th June 2015 (Friday to Sunday) at Futsing Association Hall, follow by two days of Dharma Talk/Ngondro at Teochew Building on 16th and 17th June (Tuesday & Wednesday). Attached the poster pertaining to the coming event which we hope you will not miss as it is a good opportunity for us to gather together to pray for everybody, especially for those who have perished in the terrible disasters such as the Nepal earthquake and we can all make the Aspirations for everyone too! If you happen to have the Aspiration Prayer to Sukhavati, please bring along with you, will be helpful as we shall be reciting that Aspiration with Rinpoche and the monks. Limited copies will be printed to save the do come early to secure one if you wish to hold the hard copy otherwise will have to look at the projection on the screen. We hope you understand. However, if you are attending and wish to download to your phone or ipad, you are most welcome to send an email request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you. Please click on the Notice Board at the Home Page to view full details of the coming program.
Another information will be for those who are attending the Zurmang Four Foundation (Ngondro) teachings, it will definitely be helpful to bring your Four Foundation Practice book with you on 17th June (Wednesday)..otherwise you will be required to get another copy as topic of discussion will be based on the Ngondro book.
That's all folks, have a good day and please continue to pray for Nepal. We pray that the dead be liberated to Amitabha Pureland, we pray that the wounded be healed quickly, we pray that the victims' families find peace in their heart as soon as possible, we pray most of all that the rescue and relief workers are able to succeed in their effort without any obstacles, we pray may all be well and safe!
Thank you everyone for your patience and we certainly look forward to seeing all of you very soon at Futsing and Teochew Building!