Many times in life, we have chances to reflect on what destiny we had created by our own actions. Even though there are times when we could do better, however due to laziness and ignorance which always take the centre stage, we may miss the chances and they may never come back. Every moment in life should be treated with respect and a sense of urgency.

As what we are going be next, lies in the actions of this very moment. In addition, if we understand the function of impermanence, then we will see our world with respect and care. Nothing remains the same and everything is subject to changes. Moreover, today’s friend could be tomorrow’s worst enemy and today’s enemy could be one of our best friends in the near future. As long as we know impermanence is working all the time, we will see the world in a totally different perspective. Therefore, knowledge of impermanence helps us to understand that nothing remains permanent and changes are always a part of our life and so just need to respect and simply be aware of such nature!