Be Positive, and the World Will Be Yours

Sometimes I wonder, do painful experiences in life help us in any way? On second thoughts, may be. For instance, if you had eaten an ice cream, you will be able to tell others how the ice cream tastes like and when you see others eating an ice cream you can tell the taste yourself. Similarly, when you show care and love towards others. 

When you do not know the feelings of caring or painful experiences, then you can’t really tell the feelings of oneself and others. Moreover, in life, if we can accommodate whatever that comes to us, good things can always come out from unexpected sources. The beautiful lotus flower is born from muddy swamp and so it is kind of telling us that from painful experiences, there are bound to have many meaningful solutions which we may be able to find. Therefore, although temporarily we may experience pain, just note that such situations are actually teaching us how to be better and more understanding of others! Have a wonderful day!